True Blue Steel Frames

Construction of houses and buildings in general, have evolved over the years to meet the standards of economic and environmental factors. Construction materials have undergone changes due to preservation, quality and cost factors. The building industry has recognised that the steel frames;

  • Will not twist, warp or shrink
  • Are non-combustible and won’t contribute to house fires
  • Its superior strength ensures its longevity
  • Customisable lengths are light weight
  • Our frames, trusses and joists are specially designed using our CAD design and engineering software
  • 100% renewable
  • 100% Termite and borer proof
  • Environmentally friendly.

Using True Blue Steel Frames can speed up construction, due to the frames, joists and trusses arrive to site pre-fabricated. In inclement weather, there are no issues with materials stored. Because of steel’s strength and strict quality controls, there will be no time lost replacing materials due to warp or twisting. 

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2019 - Charity House

True Blue Steel Frames were proud to be one of the collaborators in the 2019 Kids of Macarthur Foundation, charity build. Generous community, trades and suppliers donated their services or provided discount rates, to help construct the house in Oran Park. The house was sold for $732,000, the proceeds went directly to the local Macarthur charity, Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation.

2019 - Toy Drive & Santa Sleigh

To continue our partnership in 2019, with the Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation. The crew at True Blue Steel Frames had fun, building Santa’s sleigh, encouraging local families and business to donate toys to be distributed by the Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation to sick children in the Camden and Campelltown.

True Blue Steel Frames are Proud supporters of

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